A Team Woven Together

A couple weeks out from Whisper Mountain's Woven Retreat, we find ourselves expectant and excited about the ways God is weaving this thing together! (ha. Did you catch it?!)

Woven-retreat-teamRuth, our basket weaving teacher, is gathering supplies…and is a little nervous about the size of our crowd! We won't tell her the number Deb, our speaker, is praying for! Charley and Chelsea are preparing heart and song to lead us in worship–a treat for all of us! We are, and I know some of you are, bathing this weekend in prayer! Thank you for that! (If you're not, you could start now…if you wanted!!) We want the whole event to radiate Jesus! His is the grace and love and compassion and healing and power we need woven into our lives!

I'll leave you to the praying (and waiting with bated breath to see the event in pictures!). I'm gonna get to the details of it all! Have a great day!

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