4 years | a peek back

Ramsey Title BarToot your horns, spray the confetti, inhale the helium! Today is Ramsey’s fourth year on the Whisper Mountain Camp Staff! I compiled a few pictures that have been shared here on the blog over the years with correlating links. Had I planned enough in advance I could have pulled a bunch of pictures and made a movie and all that. If only I was on top of things! For now, enjoy the reverie with us as we peek back at Ramsey’s journey with us!



Ramsey-NowIf I were to pick one thing that stands out to me about working with Ramsey these past four years I would have to say he has grown leaps and bounds in his walk with Christ. He’s a total goof ball, kind of a weirdo and bull-headed, but Ramsey shines brighter with Jesus every day! Awesomeness in a man-beard is what that is! We are super thrilled he’s on our team! He adds a dynamic that helps to create our unique Whisper Mountain culture! Kind of awesome how two weeks has turned into four years!! May there be many more to come!

Thanks for all you do to serve Jesus at Whisper Mountain, Ramsey! I am thankful, as I know the rest of the crew is, to have you around!

Anybody else think he looked like a little kid in those first pictures?!

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