Woven for Women

Woven HmPGFrom the youngest of us to the oldest, the fibers of our being crave to be known, loved, enjoyed, adored. Each intricate piece of who we are is woven with His grace. A thing of beauty made for a purpose. 

Just ahead, women (ages tween and up) will be gathering. Friends, mothers, daughters, mentors, sisters, grandmas, small groups. All ages and walks of life, escaping their everyday just long enough to be refreshed and renewed. Just long enough to breathe deep the connections with other women. Just long enough to have a fresh encounter with the personal God. 

From the most uncrafty person to those with serious skill, moments weaving reed (or at least attempting to!) gives time for conversation and contemplation. A woman from our community will help us finish a basket to take home with us. A woman with a heart of gold and a life of grace will offer nuggets of truth, perspective and encouragement throughout our time together. As the beauty of spring is awakening around us, we are praying an awakening of our hearts will surround our time.

Maybe you'd like to gather a few of your favorites or maybe someone who needs intentional time. Spread the word, mark your calendars, get away with us April 4-5. More details are found on our website. It would be a joy to spend a couple days together with you!

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