Little things are the Big things + a gift idea

Hello Friends!

I really miss being here with you all on a daily basis. I know the white space I have needed is helping, so I guess it's a good thing! Just know, sharing with you is missed!

This week I have felt kinda out of my skin as I have stepped into the shoes of a sales lady! First, there were the Cyber Monday sales at our online store and the #bicflawless shirts (which have sold amazingly well. Only a few left!). Thank you to all of you!! And now I want to offer you one more deal!

Whisper-mountain-calendar-introWe put together a calendar as a gift to our donors (those awesome people we rely on to help make the camp happen!). Something to help encourage them, maybe add a bright spot to their wall, and definitely to remind them to keep praying for us! We ordered a few extras to make available to those of you who may not have one or for you to give as a gift to someone else! Word of mouth is the best after all!!

Whisper-mountain-calendar-pagesEach of the twelve months features a picture from our property with a verse to encourage all month long. If you're interested in purchasing them for just $8, visit our online store at! Shipping is quick. If you order soon, you'll have plenty of time to give as a thoughtful gift!

I was just telling Shaun how the little things really are the big things! If you're able to buy a calendar you are teaming up with Whisper Mountain in big ways to help us keep going in ministry! You're awesome for that! Thank you!

Okay. I think I'm done asking you to buy things now. whew! I hope you have a GREAT day and spot God at work in and all around you!


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