#bicflawless + cybermonday + whisper mountain

Bicflawless-shirts-here-blockHave you noticed that link over there to your right? The BeYOUtiful In Christ community link?! A few of our Whisper Mountain summer staff started this instagram/facebook community this past fall. With a focus on teen girls, they offer daily encouragement to find their beauty and worth in Christ alone. Awesome, right?

Bicflawless-tshirts-blockThey now have t-shirts available for sale! Get one for you or another girl in your world by visiting our camp store to make that purchase! Supplies are limited so I wouldn’t dilly dally!

CyberMonday-at-Whisper-MountainIt just so happens to be cyber monday, so while you’re there, shop around! You get awesome goods, 15% off your purchase (with the code “cybmon”) and warm fuzzies knowing you helped support a Jesus loving non-profit! Win-win wouldn’t you say?!

Okay! Now go spread the word…we rely on you for that! And have an awesome day!

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