we’re blushing, they’re winning!

Hodown-2013-1This past summer, Whisper Mountain invited the youth groups coming to camp to join in a little competition, hodown style. The youth group most creatively involved would receive a prize at summer's end. Now it's time for us to blush in embarrassment! We never did make the announcement! BUT we are here to right this wrong today!

Hodown-2013-2Because they so awesomely participated by not only line dancing it up but by coming up with a summary of their week in a song, the winners of Chik-fil-A food for one night at youth group are (drumroll….)

Hodown Winnersthe teens from Christ Community of Fort Myers, Florida!

Thank you to each youth group who participated! We had great fun with you all! In case you need a little hodown laugh, re-watch Shaun's hodown moves! Yee-haw!!

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