Trail Mix // Episode 17

RP Trail Mix StillEver feel like you are running around, excited to do good things for Jesus?! Sometimes it's easy to mis-prioritize our energies! I love how Ramsey brings this to our attention in this episode of Trail Mix! Check it out (less than 2 min!).


[if unable to view video above, click here!]

Make the time to run to Him before running around for Him!

(don't you love the picture YouTube used for the video front? Preach it Rev. Renaldo!)

2 thoughts on “Trail Mix // Episode 17

  1. Good stuff Ramsey & so true. You can’t successfully serve Him if you don’t take time each day to get your directions. God needs us to listen first, then go. The Bible is our GPS & we need to check it everyday – not once a week. Love you guys & hope to get back there this year!


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