5 Reasons to Plan Your Next Getaway

Getting Away. 5 Reasons You ShouldWhisper Mountain staff recently went on a planning retreat to jumpstart our work for Summer 2014 (yes, it begins now!). Although we live and work in a place most people would consider a getaway, we need to escape somewhere different! Though we did some work over the weekend, the getting away was a good thing. Here's what the weekend reminded me about:

Getting Away 11. Getaways offer good distractions. While home we are distracted by too many to-do lists, daily pressures, tunnel vision. Changing the scenery causes us to temporarily forget all that and just breathe. We need to just breathe. Being distracted by other things–beautiful things, fun things–brings a peace of mind that recharges us!

Getting Away 5
Getting Away 72. Getaways bring new adventures. Stuck in our daily routines, we often don't choose to adventure. When was the last time you adventured? It's fun, isn't it? Heaviness leaves our bodies as we hike a trail or discover something new or change up the routine. New life pumps through our blood that re-energizes us.

Getting Away 2
Getting Away 83. Getaways change our perspective. With our backs bent to the grind, our daily lens gets tired and skewed. Sometimes life gets to feeling mundane or desperate. Getting away often helps us to pick up our heads and gain some fresh vision for our living– it helps us refocus.

Getting Away 4

Getting Away 34. Getaways give us permission to indulge! We are more likely to treat ourselves when out of our ordinary. Let's face it–we all like to be treated! Making time to read a good book, getting a little something new, enjoying a specialty coffee treat or a dinner out–whatever is special for you. Allowing a little time for unordinary goodness brings us refreshment!

Getting Away 10

Getting Away 95. Getaways enable us to keep going. A person who only works or strives to keep up is a person who is surviving. While there are times when that's all we can do, getting away is a medicine to our souls. Quiet moments, focused time with the Lord, intentionally connecting with loved ones or having the alone time you crave–these moments are critical to our capacity to live. At the end of our life we aren't going to be content to have just survived. We will feel no regrets if we've chosen to live. Getting away provides us the opportunity to let go and begin again.

[Note: Money is probably the first hindrance to our getting away. I'm going to address some creative ways to get away in the near future. For now, start dreaming and even planning a time to find refreshment and refocus.]

What are some of your favorite getaways?

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