The Nosh

Ramsey Propp is a Dork![the above picture is irrelevant!]

You may not remember we ever asked for your help, it was so very long ago! BUT, we did ask way back in April. Our concessions building. Remember? We had a contest to name the building! While great suggestions were given, our staff did not agree on any names offered. Even after all our random visitors and all the summer staff came through, we still did not find a name we all liked.

The NoshThen, just a couple weeks ago, someone quietly threw up a few options. Someone known as our Chaos Coordinator and Paper Shuffler! She'd done a little homework and found a Yiddish word meaning "to nibble." The word was "Nosh". The Nosh. That was it–we all loved it! So, our not-so-new-now concessions building is from this moment forward to be referred to as The Nosh. Makes one feel rather cool. Give it a try. Out loud. Right now! See?! It's great! We like it! We knew you would too! Just had to tie that loose end up–or as Marty says, "button it up!" Now, to decide if she still gets a free shirt. That's pretty much our wardrobe as it is! Seems she needs something else awesome…any ideas?

Enjoy all your nibbles of goodness today, and say a prayer for Whisper Mountain while you're at it!

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