how I was dumb today–two times in a row!

Backstory 1He drove over to my home studio (aka: my backyard!!) to record tomorrow's scheduled Trail Mix Episode. Being the kind of guy who has sweat glands unleash a river on his brow when in front of a camera, he was just ready to have it done. We set up the camera, positioned him just so in the dappling shade. He worked out his nerves in laughter and fidgeting. I pressed record. His smile into the glass eye of the camera didn't show his worries of the audience mocking him. He spoke with clarity and eloquence. Did the shoot really go so well on the first run? No redos, no bloopers? Awesome.

Backstory5We run inside to download the clip and make sure everything went as smoothly as we thought. Turning the computer volume all the way up, we await his voice. His mouth was moving, but we heard nothing. What is going on? This was the first time using the mounted microphone so I check everything over, making sure everything was plugged in correctly. It was. But, wait? Oh no. It can't be. I never turned the microphone on. No, no, no. I could only laugh at my stupidity. He, on the other hand, dreaded starting over. It was perfect and he was sure it would never come off the same again.

Backstory3He was right. His words tumbled over each other, he misspoke, his thoughts were disconnected. Nothing like the first time. Deciding to take a break, he replaced a broken light fixture in my kitchen. In hind site, probably not the best idea, but Mr. Productivity can't sit still. Having to contort his already achy body in uncomfortable ways to reach the ceiling, he fought to make modern things work in old places. So much for a break.

Backstory2The time came to try again. All went surprisingly well. We go to watch it, thankful to have gotten the video just right. Mouth is moving, no sound. NOOOOOOO. I did it again. I forgot to switch the mic on. UN.BE.LIEV.ABLE. How could I be so dumb He's disgusted with the whole thing at this point, and though trying to make light of it, is disheartened and completely over it! Enough for today!

As I sit here now in the quiet, I wish so badly I could push the undo button on this day as easily as I push it on my computer every day. But I can't. No amount of wanting will offer me such a luxury. So what am I to do? What are we to do when mistakes or life happens?

I don't really have a sound answer other than to say, we gotta let it go rather than harp on it. We must take strides forward. We must receive grace. If we walk in Christ, His grace extends to us continually. Take it!

Backstory4We made plans to try again tomorrow. But today, I am reminded of my great need for His grace. Thankful for such grace. And thankful I am Marty's daughter. He has to still love me, right?!! Who else will be kind enough to help build his character?

Go be smarter than me today!!


Post Publishing Update:

[Note: in case I accidentally made you believe the entire thing was misery, we did have quite a few laughs & chuckles through it all! I'm thankful for the encouragement given! It was nice to know I'm not alone in my mess ups!!]

5 thoughts on “how I was dumb today–two times in a row!

  1. It might feel like a complete mess up, Cassi, but nothing happens by chance and God uses EVERYTHING! Something he didn’t say today, he will say tomorrow and God will use it to be a blessing to someone who listens OR something else that no one might ever know. But please know that there is a reason and God will use it for His Glory!


  2. Real funny, Leann! Cassi I’m sorry for your troubles of the day…Dad told me about it before I read this and in the end he did chuckle about how unbelievable it was….so this too shall pass! Thank you for being so transparent. I love you.


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