Fall In Line

Fall In LineSeptember. The month of my birth, my daughter's birth, RP's birth (a lot of birthing going on, whew!), but also the month of realigning our lives, restructuring our schedules, and refocusing our directions. As we seek to have everything fall back in line again, we as Whisper Mountain staff have been getting inspired to connect with and encourage our friends and fans (that's you!) a little more intentionally! I do work with some pret-ty amazing people, so I'm looking forward to the encouragement myself through our social media realms! Plans are in the works for others to jump in and share from their corners of the world as well. I'm excited. Are you? I hope you'll feel free to interact with us or at the very least be encouraged! Being in this life gig together makes it a whole lot easier, wouldn't you agree?

Happy September, friends! Cheers to Falling in Line! 

{Here's where I give full credit for the title "Fall in Line"–I came across this title in a monthly devotional mailed to us by David Jeremiah. (I'm sure he personally mails them to us…you know, we're tight!) Was the perfect fit for our goals this month!}

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