Awesomeness Takes the [2013] Stage // Erin

A little more awesomeness for today! We had the lovely pleasure of having one of our local teens work with us this summer as a GIT (Guide In Training). Meet Erin!

Whisper mountain staff erin 2

Whisper mountain staff erin 3A real beauty, inside and out, Erin's fun-loving nature makes her very comfortable to be around! Almost a down-home hospitality about her personality, if that makes any sense, which matches up real well with the bluegrass music in her veins and clog dancing in her feet! A true Robbinsvillian!

Whisper mountain staff erin 4Working at Whisper Mountain has a way of stretching us, all of us, beyond our comfort zones. Seeing Erin grow through the summer, being involved with the campers and our staff was such an encouragement to me. Her willingness to be used however she could, serving in whatever way asked of her is testimony to the work God is doing in her life! This girl has A LOT going for her and she has a God lovingly at work in her life! Like I said before, she's a real beauty!

Whisper mountain staff erin 1Follow some of Erin's fun on instagram @erin_goodpaster.

Enjoy your today!

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