Awesomeness Takes the [2013] Stage // Hope

Whisper Mountain Staff Hope 2Hope is with us today on the Awesomeness Stage! (remember her from last year?!) We are very thankful to have her with us this year because she's getting to spend her time in the place of service of her choice…the kitchen!! She's been a great help to Ms. Patti and putting that food out for all the campers (a humungo job…now accepting applications for a camp cook!)

Whisper Mountain Staff Hope 1
Aside from her enjoyment of cooking, Hope loves to have her a good time! Who doesn't, right?! Give her some boots, chai tea and a day of adventure and you'll see Hope grinning ear to ear!

Whisper Mountain Staff Hope 3And she's always looking to learn new things. Summer 2013 marks Hope's new-found love for picking…strings, not noses!! Sheesh! I mean every country girl ought to know how to pick, right!?

Whisper Mountain Staff Hope 4Seriously though. I find Hope to be quite thoughtful and generous with folks, always looking for a way to boost them up. Whether it's a note of encouragement, a gift of clothing, a specially made treat or simply a hug, Hope is ready to give of herself as much as she is able! I appreciate her willingness to work through things when they seem tough, her ability to make a stranger her friend, her sincere pursuit of Christ and her love of life, whatever it's dishing her!

Whisper Mountain Staff Hope 5I'm excited for her as she soon begins a journey toward a life in ministry!

You can catch all sorts of random happiness on her instagram @hope_rogers. Happy Day to you, folks!

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