row, row, row your boat

Boat Ashore…gently on the lake! Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily campers have some fun! And that would be in large part to some awesome kids at an elementary school who raised money to help Whisper Mountain buy the boats for rowing! Adding to this wonderful generosity is a local friend of ours who donated his welding skills, time and some of the supplies to help build us a trailer for hauling the boats for rowing!

Boat Rack2
Boat Rack1(green boats/kayak=donated boats!)

Boat Rack3I know I say it all the time around here, but isn’t it a beautiful thing how people pull together for the purpose of Proclaiming Jesus?! Beautiful I tell you!

Boats at Lake

Boats at Lake2We enjoyed a day on the lake with our campers yesterday. Aside from jumping off the rock, they all wanted to be in a boat! Something fun and refreshing about being on the water, in a canoe, rowing with friends!

Boats and Jumping with RPSomething pretty amazing having people like you joining us in our efforts of Proclaiming Jesus through your prayers, serving with us, giving to us! As staff, we are entirely grateful to have you on our team!

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