Do you like to invade?

Wm-prayer-invaders-bannerThe time has come to rally our Whisper Mountain Prayer Invaders! For the love of blowpops what's a Prayer Invader? Glad you asked! PI's are people who believe in the power of prayer and are committed to fighting the spiritual battle raging on for the souls of young people.

So, do you like to invade? Not personal space, silly! In the darkness keeping people from life in Christ? Would you like to receive weekly emails throughout summer to pray more specifically for each week's needs and groups? Do let me know to add you to the list by emailing me at cassi(at)whispermountain(dot)org.

Seriously, if you haven't discovered the power of prayer, I encourage you to start now! Your world will be rocked…in such good ways!

3 thoughts on “Do you like to invade?

  1. Cassi, Please put me on the list. I know this is going to be a great year. I pray with the bigger staff this year you regulars get some rest. My daily pray will be for a camp cook. You guys are awesome.


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