a few new additions

Whisper Mountain awningA new "yawning", as Shaun calls it. He's a weirdo!

Whisper Mountain Tether Ball
Whisper Mountain Gaga BallSuper fun, simple field additions. Ever heard of gaga ball?

Whisper Mountain CamperTwo separate families gave a truck and pop up camper. Pretty awesome!

Whisper Mountain BenchesComfy benches turned picnic tables to enjoy some quiet, watch the craziness, etc.

All these recent additions may seem small, but each of them has the mark of people whose hearts are filled with generosity and sharing the mission of Whisper Mountain! Whether they gave a few pennies, stood with paintbrush in hand, powered up the saw, had extra and gave in our direction…their touch is adding to the work Whisper Mountain is able to accomplish. We are blessed and encouraged.

Where can you leave your mark today? Life is best done in togetherness.  

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