more than floored

New Bathroom Tile ProjectWhen the Europeans come to our hills, we can expect to hear the roar of Harley's, Romanian radio, lots of laughter and the slapping of a little tile!


New Bathroom Tile MothThey enhanced the bathhouse porch with temporary porch seating (see first picture!!), but only long enough to make our bathroom floors beautiful!

New Bathroom Tile

New Bathroom Tile Showers

New Bathroom Tile Boy PottiesI would love to show you a before picture! As Kinsley says, "Ain't nobody got time for dat!". So just imagine chipped paint over cracked floors with long hair stuck in it! I know. Sounds kinda gross. I assure you we worked diligently to keep them clean, but at some point there's just not much we can do! We are thrilled with the gift of these bathrooms! (I see our summer guides rejoicing about now!!)

New Bathroom Tile ReflectionWhat's really awesome is to see this being about way more than just tile floors! Sure God provided for our need, but not before urging someone else's heart, making him willing and able to give of himself, his resources, and his crew! If we stop and think about it, we are meant to be team players. We need each other. Who can use your time, energy or talent today? Don't hold back. Get off the bench! Bless someone today!

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