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Putting our heads togetherEither you landed in this space accidentally, Google sent you, you were on the Whisper Mountain website or you are a regular around here. As a reader, I would guess you have an interest in this whole camp ministry gig. But why?

Circle of handsI'm not asking because I don't want you around. Not at all. I'm asking because our team is beginning a journey of refining our goals and focusing our efforts more strategically. I'm curious to know why you care, what draws you in, what keeps you coming around our parts. Knowing the whys and whats will help me better understand your point of view. Which will allow me to be more effective in communicating!

If you've got a few extra moments, would you mind leaving a quick comment letting me know what brings you around? I (we) sure appreciate it!

Let's go be awesome today!

9 thoughts on “whys and whats

  1. The love and fellowship of our family… (Ramsey included)
    The beauty and serenity of the mountains and forest
    The great gifts God miraculously gives the camp and the staff when they need it most
    The fresh ideas of getting a closer relationship with God
    Seeing men and women give up everything and step out in faith to leave comfort and security of the world they knew to show us that modern day saints still exist…Step outside the boat trusting Jesus and his whisper to move ….even though the path may not be lit all the way… But they still see the light of the Savior at the end of the tunnel.
    To see that these same loves ones struggle more than anyone knows…yet their light still shines for all to see. They stay strong for those of us who count on them to pray with us as we in our “safe” little worlds have fallen into another one of Satans pits yet they are there for us… even though they may be feeling their own pit…. Reaching out a hand of love to help get us.
    They each one do jobs that may not be a favorite of theirs to do at one time or another… Or even all summer long…. With a smile on their face and kind words said.
    These are a few things that draw me to Whisper Mountain… From a old persons view!


  2. There are so many things that draw me to (this) camp ministry. One, it’s the fellowship that God creates between His sons and daughters. I’m so thankful that Jaclyn introduced me to the WM family and that I was able to find my way in working there for a summer. I knew that camp is supposed to be a “fun” time for campers to do something a little different than what they are used to, and a “Christian camp” is all that WITH spiritual parallels that brings them to a stronger connection with the Lord. As an upcoming 3rd year Summer Staff vet, I’m so thankful for the love that Full Time gives us y’uns staff. It brings so much unity to us and makes us feel so welcomed and a part of a connected family, and because of this strong unity, we are able to provide our campers with love, care, fun times, and most importantly, a strong presence of the Lord within us. Thank you all for modeling that for us! Secondly, and I think most importantly, I am drawn to this camp ministry specifically because I know that God has given Marty the vision to bring life change to campers through Whisper Mountain and its staff. Because everything is completely centered on God, there is no way that God won’t speak to you while you are in this place. As I worked there for two summers, God has stretched me in so many ways and although those stretches weren’t comfortable, God has used my time serving at camp to grow me in specific ways that I couldn’t have learned elsewhere. I’m so thankful for Whisper Mountain and I know that God is going to continue to grow this ministry and touch so many more young peoples’ hearts!


  3. We love WMM!! God really answered prayers when he sent your info to Keith. We had no idea that it would be MORE than perfect. (Of course, God knew all along, don’t you love that?)
    The staff has been so amazing and it is evident that God rules their lives. The bunks, the food, the mountains, the trails….I could go on and on.
    Intersections Youth Ministry has made some great friends through your interns and that is so valuable on this journey to be more like HIM!!
    Thank you all for your obedience in servanthood:). Renee’ Kohl


  4. Because you shine Jesus and we glen from each others different viewpoints. I always leave here feeling refreshed & encouraged with new joy in my heart.


  5. Wow what a question. WM has had a special place in my heart even before it was WM. It is poised in the perfect spot for ministering to youth. Once you get a kid up there interacting with the staff and experiencing God in his perfect nature you can’t keep them from wanting more. Everyone working there has the best attitude and really makes you feel welcome.
    I have been bringing kids up to WM over the past 6 years and this isn’t to camp, it is to serve. The most we had was over 30 one year This will be the first spring that we will not be making the trip and when we broke the news about a change of venue for the spring retreat you could see the disappointment. We are not gone by any means. We have left our blood, sweat, tears, and broken ankles 🙂 up at WM to make it the best place for a unchruched, dechrurched, or non beveling kid to experience what God has planned for them.
    Andy Cannarella


  6. You guys care to do camp well. You care about loving people not because it’s your job but because it’s part of you each individually and you bring that to your job. I love that you care to reach individuals on their level and facilitate activities which reach across the variations in age/maturity. You want to place your staff in places which will grow them, and you don’t expect perfection but rather God’s will. You are willing to be examples and a Light no matter the situation or cost.
    The mountains are also entirely too beautiful to pass up and the buildings well fitting for the camp. The activities are fun but meaningful, and bring out truths that can otherwise go unnoticed.
    Yep. Whisper Mountain does a lot of things right, especially the important things 🙂


  7. thank you to each of you who took the time to give us your thoughts! turned out to be encouraging for our staff! we thank you! hearing from you will help me know how to better communicate with you! blessings to you all!


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