Katangello…hmn? what?

Blog-DebutI'll spare you the details of the journey. The truth is, this project has felt overwhelming, tedious and time consuming! There's such great potential to help Whisper Mountain–promotionally and financially–and to get others in on some awesomeness, but the task has felt daunting with all the other work/deadlines constantly piling up. What am I talking about? 

Blog Storefront

Katangello, our online camp store! She's FINALLY open! She's not dressed in the pretty dress I wish for, she's awaiting more products and a few better pictures, BUT she's up! And now I'm really excited (there may be a little happy dance going on!). Would you like to take a click through? If you wanna, you could buy something:)! While clicking through, notice some of the fair trade products sprinkled throughout the store! Purchasing these items helps men and women around the world earn a dignified income. And it helps Whisper Mountain. And you get some awesomeness! Everybody wins!!

In case you're wondering: Katangello (pronounced ku-tan-jell-o) is a greek word that means "to proclaim." If you know anything about Whisper Mountain you know this is a perfect match to our mission of Proclaiming Jesus in all we do! 


We're having a grand opening sale through the end of March! Use the code HappyDance to get 15% off your purchases!! (Oh, and if there's glitches…grace, please?! We're still getting to know each other, Kat and I.) Feel free to go shopping now!! But for sure, go have a great day!

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