Did they know they’d end up here?

Happy AnniversaryI wonder if way back then they thought they'd end up on such an adventure as camp ministry. Sometimes it's good to not know! Just keep stepping one foot in front of the other, taking life as it comes. Today marks another year of marriage for Marty and Patti. Inching close to forty years of choosing to remain committed when it doesn't feel good, to love when it's requiring too much, to find the best in each other when it seems non-existent.

Marty & Patti (Mom and Dad), thanks for stepping one foot in front of the other, hand in hand! You set the example with humility and courage! Happy Anniversary!

Any well wishes or old stories to share about this couple?!

10 thoughts on “Did they know they’d end up here?

  1. Congrats you two! I actually remember being there on your wedding day! You have blessed so many through your marriage and years together. May your marriage continue to be blessed!


  2. Happy Anniversary to a wonderful couple that I’m glad to call family! Love to both of you and PS – you two still look just as great as the day you were married! 🙂


  3. Tribute and Congrats to them both…
    I was there when your dad was around 25 and he shared with me “The Dream”… We were sitting on a pic nic table at Camp Joy around midnight scouting for stray youth hopping from dorm to dorm when he told me he wanted to have this one day… I said, what? He said, “A youth camp”…I just remember saying… “Cool”… it never left his heart and he followed his dream 25 yrs later and made the step of faith toward “The Dream” and through the trials and dream killers…I witnessed it come true. I’m glad I was there then and my heart is still there now along with them both still today. I can say that they are truly one of my closest best friends. Happy Anniversary Marty & Patti
    In His Grip, Travis


  4. Love this couple and their commitment to each other. I know it hasn’t always been easy! Who knew Patti would catch Marty’s vision? 🙂 So many memories … wonderful life long friendship, youth camps, dinners after church on Sunday when all the kids were little, travels, prayers, tears, cruising 41 looking for something to do, puns (those were killers!), sharing decades of life with each other. Who could ask for more in friends during their lifetime? Definitly a Divine appointment years ago. Happy Anniversary Marty and Patti! Love and miss you, Pam


  5. submitted by Jason Dellinger:
    I had the privilege to live with Marty and Patti for my first year out of college. When
    I think of Marty Proverbs 20:6 comes to mind: “Most men like to proclaim each his
    own goodness, but who can find a faithful man?” In life, being faithful and finishing well
    is very difficult to do – Marty has always been diligent in the small things and he has stayed
    on that narrow path that only few do.
    Proverbs 31:10 is a great verse describing Patti…”Who can find a virtuous woman? for her
    price is far above rubies.” Patti has been an example of a quiet, yet strong helpmeet for
    Marty. And the Bible is true – she is hard to find and you cannot put a price tag on a virtuous
    Funny story – I got to sit around the dinner table many times with Marty, Patti, and Nic, who
    was a senior in high school at the time. Although I would like to forget it, on more than one
    occasion Marty and Nic would come and sit around the table with no shirt! Biting into a steak
    while seeing Marty’s chest hair in my peripheral would be a good diet for anyone! Even
    funnier was hearing Patti fuss at them with her cute accent! Happy Anniversary Marty and
    Patti! (mom and dad) Love you both!
    Jason Dellinger


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