sounds of Christmas // lately

The hum of sewing machine

Scooping snow candy
Rook Card Dealing

Snish pamLately, these sounds of Christmas surround us:

// the harmony of the sewing machine and light snoring from my man late into the nights

// a clever teen declaring she’d take China-made over hand-made (no, I wasn’t offended…her handheld, technology device wish list is extensive!!)

// casual chatter as the Whisper Mountain Elves prepped some treat bags for local friends

// groaning from the timid carolers as they were dragged closer to the doorstep

// blended notes of “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” as the WM Staff delivered treat bags

// shuffling of cards for post caroling fun!

// crackling of wood from the fire place

// (millionth time) inquiries on present time

// heart tears dropping onto a broken world

// snish, snish and pam, pam of little elves working hard

// dripping rain from the overhang, shoes splashing through puddles

// quiet wishes for snow

What sounds are filling your days lately?

One thought on “sounds of Christmas // lately

  1. Sounds of school lessons almost being done
    Practicing a piano piece for grandpas for the bajillionth time
    A baby (taking care of a friends 3 month old, haven’t heard those sounds in this house in awhile)
    Sounds of rain falling & wishing out loud it was snow
    The munch munch munch of kids & birds & squirrels eating everything in sight preparing for a long winters nap (ok maybe not the kids)


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