in the land of wild horses


Nasheville2In the land where wild horses stampede across the sky,


Nasheville5and faithful hearts stroll the earth

Nasheville4there was a window. Peering through the window, wearied hearts perceived the intimate touch of a present God. The breath of life was breathed into them. 

Nasheville7The beauty of a Savior infused their hearts.


Shaun and I are grateful for our weekend with some of our friends and financial supporters in Nashville. We received such encouragement through their fellowship and by way of their pastor on Sunday morning…God touched our hearts personally. What more could we hope for?!

Then on top of it, we were blessed with TP

Nasheville6…this is a timely gift, folks, as there's one roll on the shelf . You have no idea how big the little things are!

May God's personal touch fall obviously on your day!

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