Trail Mix // Episode 11

Reverend-renaldoReverend Renaldo, a name Ramsey earned in a camp skit a few years ago, brings to those who walk with God a short and sweet and spiritually uplifting reminder! Look out…he's got his chainsaw! 


{if you are unable to view the above video, click here}

May we stay practiced in the basics so we are prepared in the game!

Blessings, friends! 

***In case you are new here: Ramsey is our camp Facilities Manager

5 thoughts on “Trail Mix // Episode 11

  1. Ramsey Michael!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so pleased to see how God uses you. What a
    blessing you are to our family and others. Much love, GP


  2. Way to bring that Word with a sharp message Big R… You are a cut above the rest… don’t chaing for nothing… Don’t forget to pull start that chain saw… you can get a whole lot more trees cut even if it was sharp. Don’t say: “WHAT’S THAT NOISE”? LOL… LOVE YA Big Boy.


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