unexpected & practically wonderful


Campers-provisionBack in July, a group of campers arrived and with them came the surprise of  practical portions! Our full-time staff was given groceries and toiletries…those things that are necessary to living but can be hard to scrape together when living on faith support! We were overwhelmed by their thoughtfulness and generosity! Much like other giving we've received, each time we use the detergent or brush our teeth or heat up the ramen (which we've been happily living off of since summer's end!!), our minds drift to the giver and a prayer is lifted up! A prayer of gratitude!

God always does care for us in great abundance and in most unexpected ways! May our faith be strengthened by such a reminder!Campers-provision-3Thank you Hilton Head Youth and your families for being God's instrument of provision to the Whisper Mountain Staff! May God richly bless you all!

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