Nothing Short of Inspiring

Seniors-work-team-1A caravan of experienced and willing hearts teamed up to bring Whisper Mountain a week of service!


The men spent the week investing in several little and a couple bigger jobs around camp. A Laundry Room makeover was completed (on the inside!).



Construction of two bench/picnic tables was completed!

Seniors-work-team-7Starts out as a bench, folds down to be a table! Yeah, pretty awesome!

The ladies spent their week on the details we don't have time for but are ever so necessary! One of these details was preparing sweet sacks for a holiday extravaganza WM participates in via volunteers down in FL! 

Seniors-work-team-8Another big deal was prepping dinner for our whole staff each night! ummmmm….completely awesome!

Seniors-work-team-10I scream for (homemade) icecream!!!!

They even were able to help serve a group we had in over the weekend!


For Tegan, it was a whole new set of grandparents to love on him! He even called her Grandma!

Our entire staff felt completely blessed by these beautiful people! Though they never felt they did enough, for us, the encouragement of people wanting to come along side and support our efforts did more for us than we could ever ask! People giving of their time to serve God in whatever way they can…nothing short of inspiring.

Seniors-work-team-13Camp always brings out the crazies in our *campers*! ("COL-ON!!")

Thank you for coming to spend the week with us, for your thoughtfulness, your generosity, your fellowship! May God richly bless you and continue to use you to bring Him glory!

How have you been inspired lately?

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