kitchen angel


June brought Whisper Mountain a Kitchen Angel! (how lovely of her!!) Some people call this angel April Luettich! You may remember her from last summer. She’d be the one in the above group shot with wings on!

So here’s the scoop on her. She brought her two kids up again for the month to help serve and be general good fun and encouragement to all. She is now en route out west! April’s husband, Wayne, will begin schooling to be a missionary pilot out in Washington this fall. Yeah. Pretty cool! Such a big deal to uproot a family to leave the only place they’ve ever known to enter this thing called the Great Unknown! Yikes! Like all those before them who’ve followed God on such a journey, they are taking each step as it comes. When all the answers aren’t there yet, when people keep asking for them, when uncertainty pounds at the door, surrender is the only fitting place to be. Worshipful surrender…and serving while waiting. Kitchen Angel poured her heart out cooking up some pretty great grub and blessed many because of it! Below is a slideshow documenting some of their moments while at Whisper Mountain! (song: John Waller “While I’m waiting”)


{if unable to view the video, click here}

May their example of worshipful waiting be an encouragement to each of us!

Blessings, friends!

3 thoughts on “kitchen angel

  1. Cassi, thank you for the very kind words. We love serving at the WM! Those are some of the best folks I know in that photograph. Thank you for all the memories and encouragement. We were spurred on in our followship. Praying for the rest of the summer to be impactful in the campers and staff lives. We love yall so much!


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