week in review // community & beulah

I missed a couple weeks of giving you guys a week in review (please don't take offense if you don't see your people here!!). I'm picking up with this past week's two groups!!







Cbc5I very much enjoyed and was encouraged by the reaching out these two groups exercised among each other throughout their camp week. Bringing two very different groups from two very different places together poses a slight risk, but in this case proved to be a grand success! The only common ground needed is a little Jesus. The great news this week is many hearts were touched. The hurt some of these teens are walking around with would never be evidenced in daily life or in pictures above for that matter. But one evening of giving them a chance to share any struggles opened the door for hearts to be poured out and gathered around for prayer and encouragement! One teen girl even gave her life to Christ!

God continues to do amazing things among us! Now, if we can just keep up with it all!

Blessings on your Monday!

2 thoughts on “week in review // community & beulah

  1. Awesome news, Cassi! I know you are tired but you are doing amazing things for and with God and He will give you just enough strength for each step He asks you to take! Keep up the good work and know that you are being held up in prayer by many, many people!


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