a greeting parade

I thought I'd give you a glimpse of how our campers are greeted upon arriving at Whisper Mountain for  their week of camp!

Camp-arrivals-1When we see the dust cloud following the vans up the road, there's a stir of excitement as everyone pours out of the Hub and gets "in position"!

Camp-arrivals-2  By "in position" I mean finding a rock or a spot where screaming and yelling and waving of arms can take place!

Camp-arrivals-3This year we've added some fun little blowing devices that make obnoxiously loud noises. Annoying to listen to when there's 20 of them going off, but really fun when you're the one blowing it!

Camp-arrivals-4Driving into such a parade of happiness usually brings about smiles to those who've been squished like sardines for hours in a church van!

Camp-arrivals-5And when they've reached the top of the road our staff is there to welcome them with hugs or handshakes and a quick get-to-know you before quickly settling in their cabins (dropping bags on beds!).

Camp-arrivals-6Then the week of fun, adventure and encountering begins! The exciting start to our weeks has us holding our breaths every time as we anticipate what God might do in each heart!

Praying your week is off to a great start (even if it's a Monday!).

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