More Than A Day Off

FlagThe day is just another day off work for many. A welcomed break from the grind filled with backyard barbeque's, swimming, boating, whatever leisure is desired. While these breaks are much needed in our hectic world of today, remembering the reason of today and "coming together to honor those who gave their all" would be hitting the mark of Memorial Day!

For Whisper Mountain, we are finalizing much and readying ourselves to greet the first wave of our summer staff today. Maybe you don't have the day off either, maybe there are no leisure filled moments in your Memorial Day. Whatever the day holds for you, let's be intentional to pause at 3:00 for a moment of silence, remembering and honoring those who gave a "profound contribution" so you and I could have the opportunity of enjoying our freedom!

Happy Memorial Day, friends!

(the above quotations were found here and here)

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