in surgery today

Surgery1Sleepless nights, limited movement, constant and nagging pain. Marty's life has been this for over a year when he (re)injured his shoulder while spotting a camper on our low ropes course. After months of workman's comp paper shuffling and doctor visits, he finally goes in for surgery this morning.

Surgery 2
Did you see the note: Massive Rotator Cuff Tear. The doctor literally has a thread to work with, hoping to ease the pain and return a little motion to the shoulder. 

The operation takes place today. Are you a prayer warrior? If so, will you pray for a better than expected success with this surgery? For Patti as she has the job of helping to keep this caged lion caged during his months-long recovery? For our guys as they carry a heavier workload (I think we will see just how many details Marty sees to in a day!)? For Marty's sanity as being down, holding still, resting isn't something he's good at? Which is kind of funny since that is the mission of this camp ministry! I'm believing there's a good thing going on here!

And you? How can we be praying for you? We spend time praying for many each morning in our staff meeting! We'd love to pray for you as well!




In case you missed the update in the comments or on fb, here you go!Post surgery update 1These pictures show how they borrowed some p-cord from our high ropes course (only kidding of course!) to tie the tendons into a bundle. We pray this fuses together around the ball and socket! While inside Marty, the doctor also repaired a bicep tear, did 3 convergence sutures to tie around the shoulder socket and removed a bone spur! They didn't intend on all that coming into play, but alas, Marty never goes to the doctor so of course there are issues in there!Post surgery update 2

He got home last evening, still on drugs as you can see! (I did get permission to share this!)  He will be quite sore for some time, so please continue to pray! He undergoes therapy and all for several weeks! His biggest struggle, I believe, will be remaining sane with all the work that comes with this time of year and entrusting it to the guys!

Thanks for your prayers! You are awesome!

9 thoughts on “in surgery today

  1. Praying for surgery to go well. Quick recovery and rest for Mr Marty. Praying for Mrs. Patti and the rest of yall being one man down. MUCH love, The Luettichs


  2. The Stones will be praying for Marty, Patti, and all the family! My dad had this same surgery 30 years ago and on the other shoulder last year. He did great. Will be praying for a faster than normal recovery since Marty moves faster than normal around camp!


  3. UPDATE: Marty is resting comfortably at home. The surgery entailed more than expected, but all went smoothly. He will have months of slow going recovery and therapy as they hope (and we pray) the tendons heal and fuse together around the ball and socket! Thank you for the love and prayers sent his way! Much appreciated!


  4. Thanks everyone for your thoughts and prayers. My left eye hurts more than anything currently. They must of dropped a scalpel in it when I was out:). I,m sure within a few hours I will be dipping into the pill bottle. Have a great night everyone. Marty


  5. I bet all this started when you took your cast off your arm to play basketball years ago! And you said not to tell Mom. Well, she knows now! Sorry you are going through this, I know its a tough recovery so be patient and be nice to your nurses! And we are praying for you too! Love you Marty!


  6. We love you Marty and are praying. Trusting that you won’t be in too much pain. Mom and dad said to tell you they will call and have been praying as well!! Hang in there little bro!


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