casting for kids

Casting for kids website
The above is home of our new Casting for Kids website! What's Casting for Kids? Glad you asked! Well, it's a super fun way to help Whisper Mountain while also getting some Floridians out on the water doing what they love to do! Go fishin'!

Come May, we hope that there will be lots of anglers, sponsors and families joining together! James Propp has spearheaded these fundraising events for us before and he does a phe-nominal job! If you are part of our prayer warriors (that's an unofficial position, just so you know!), would you be in prayer for James as he works his tail off to find sponsors and promote this event? Would you also pray that God would be very involved in the details of this in such a way that He is made famous?! AND if you are a Fort Myers reader, consider joining the fun this May!

Thanks ahead of time, friends! Now, go visit the Casting for Kids site! (There's still more info to be added, but you'll get the idea!!)

Blessings on your Tuesday!

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