getting giddy

DrivingSometimes you just gotta do things yourself.Pushing tree overWith the uninsured locals unable/willing to help us out, and because of a generous feller, we have cranked up his piece of machinery and are beginning to get the job done! And it's so exciting!

Fallen treeWhile going out to snap these pictures I was positively giddy! We've waited and dreamed and waited! What was feeling impossible was starting to be! Woohoo!

Thumbs up
Roots up

Back vie
Whisper Mountain's Lake Project has begun! Are you as giddy as us?!

9 thoughts on “getting giddy

  1. How exciting! We look forward to our next visit up that way, whenever that may be. I know it has been many years in the making, I’m thrilled that it is finally happening!
    Love you guys!


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