Decor-BlockWhisper Mountain recently held, for our third year, a Christmas dinner for our local church’s deacons! Since I am now a deacon’s wife (eek!), Patti worked hard to keep me a little more on the receiving end rather than the work end of things! She did a lovely job with decorating the place, didn’t she?

Aside from the usual help of the other full-time staff, she pulled in some great help both locally and not so locally! We thank the youth for their willingess in serving each guest with class and style! And Leann Peery & Delores Eland for their help in the preparing of food, seeing to last minute decorating details, and general moral support!Amazing-Food
Prime Rib Dinner and delicate desserts filled the tables (and our bellies!).

Amazing-FellowshipAnd of course the fellowship was the point of it all! These people, servants in the community and lovers of God and others, were the gems of the evening. How we, as a ministry and as individuals, have enjoyed being part of this community of believers!

Deacons, thank you for choosing Whisper Mountain as your place of celebration this season!

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