Great Lengths!

When you believe in something enough, you'll go to great lengths to see it through! Marty has gone to great lengths: in the face of ridicule, inconvenience, annoyance, and did I mention ridicule?!

Way back here I first introduced the challenge, both to himself and anyone who wanted to join up with WM in some way! No scissors would touch his lovely locks until the day the tent platforms (there's two!) were built!

See the progression of going to great lengths!Marty1
Marty4 While some of you men may crave the ability to grow this much hair in your more mature stages of life, this is getting a little out of control! But there's good news! We have 100% of the money to build the first platform! Woo-hoo! (Thank you to any of you readers who may have given!) I heard Marty say yesterday that as soon as the building is done he's cutting his hair. Friends, there are two platforms. Don't let him give up! There's a little money (3%) in the pot for the building of the second platform into much needed storage. Good news again…with the clearing out and building starting next week on the first one, this gives us a little time to get the money in for the second one! Something to think about being a part of!!

Great lengths…they are sooo worth going to for something carrying eternal investment (even when your entire staff enjoys all-in-fun jabbing!) Are you going to any great lengths in your part of the world?

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