Shaun teaching at whisper mountain
Marty-high-ropes When it comes to laying down the world’s offerings to take up eternal ones, Marty and Shaun both excel. As I watch them, in their own and different ways, giving all they have to connect with campers and their leaders, to ensure the camp functions as it needs to, to run the programs effectively, to accommodate the campers and their leaders, I am inspired and encouraged to continue such a path myself. Times get tough about now for the full-time (and seasonal) staff. We have arrived at the half way mark of the summer camp season. Our energies are depleting, as the days are long and tiring, as the weekends don’t really feel like weekends at all. Our bodies ache, though some more than others, and our heads feel as if they are spinning as we try to see to details that time doesn’t allow for when we have groups! However, even with all our humanness screaming in our faces day in and day out, we are also given the opportunity to find the supernatural quieting, strengthening, and empowering us!Foggy morn at whisper mountain  As both these men submit their hearts to this God they serve, they lead those surrounding them to do the same. They lead this camp to a place of effectiveness in Proclaiming Him.

 For this purpose also I labor, striving according to His power, which mightily works within me.   Colossians 1:29

 In your striving today, may you find that you end up with what matters.

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