:: revealing ::

Exactly two months ago today, I mentioned something new was coming to Whisper Mountain! After playing twenty questions with one reader and leaving the rest of you in complete suspense (I know you were losing sleep over it:)!!) the revealing is to take place now!Swinging5
:: it's a swingset ::

The wooden seats were handcrafted by one of our board members (thank you Chuck!), and the holes were dug with lots of hard work from Marty, Ramsey and the jackhammer (the ground was the hold up in getting this completed!)

Turns out, this quiet spot of simple fun is quite refreshing, even for our summer staff!

When was the last time you went swinging at the playground. I dare say, it's impossible to not smile while swinging! Go try it out!

(See you back here again tomorrow for another reveal!)

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