Here we are at Friday. A quick peek over the shoulder reminds me of my Monday hope…that turned out to be just a hope afterall! As I step over the mound of frustrations in my path, I shake off the dust, take a deep breath and forage ahead. We are welcoming college students for a retreat this weekend and then, in exactly six days, we will be hugging necks in welcome of our summer staff! With their arrival comes the amazing chance to know some stellar people, the arrival of tons of fun, the start of longer hours, and the shared passion of Proclaiming God to all coming to Whisper Mountain Youth Camp this summer!Monument.alYou can be sure their start with us will start here…at the rock. the monument. the reminder. the proclaiming of what God has done in starting this camp with free land. the vision he gives us each day. the monumental journey of learning to live our lives tuned into His whisper. 

Sitting. Remembering. Listening.

May we find opportunity to consider our journey. to tune into His whisper.

Happy Weekending!

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