Seize It!

If you were to walk up to the loft in the Whisper Mountain office you would likely come upon this scene.Heads togetherMarty and Patti, with heads together, figuring out or praying through the situations and "problems" that arise on a daily basis at camp! They would tell you they aren't real sure what they are doing, that they feel like they are grappling in the dark for the right direction. I will tell you that I'm often encouraged by their grappling and inspired to remain in such a need for God! Though it doesn't seem to make sense, our need for God brings such a liberty in Him! In those times when we do mess up or choose the wrong direction, or…Bubble blowing…things blow up in our face even after our best efforts, we can find a peace in Him that isn't found anywhere else on earth. We can find a strength in Him that isn't attained anywhere else on earth. We can find a joy in Him that never ceases while we are on this earth!

Seize today, whether grappling or walking strong! God made this day for living! Don't hold back!

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