guess what?

Something new is coming to the Whisper Mountain Youth Camp playing field!Whisper mountain field

Whisper mountain field 2

Whisper mountain field 3
Whisper mountain field 4
Whisper mountain field 5Any guesses?! I'll give you one clue: there are three of those square poles being used! Whatever it is, the look on Tegan's face says he's excited (Oh, maybe that's grampy-love he's wearing!). Yeah, I'm pretty much going to enjoy holding you in suspense until the final reveal! I'd still like to know what you think it is!

May your day be ever so bright!

11 thoughts on “guess what?

  1. Can we play 20 questions?
    I will get started and ask five yes or no questions and you can answer!
    1. Is it for a well known activity?
    2. Will there be something between the poles(i.e. fence, rope, etc.)?
    3. Are the poles really far apart?
    4. Will this activity take up the entire field?
    5. Is the fact that the poles are square important?


  2. Okay…
    6. Is it a sport?
    7. Will there be a rope between the poles?
    8. Is there a ball involved in this activity?
    9. Are the poles in a triangle?
    10. Will there be anything on the pole(i.e. net, hoop, etc.)?


  3. 6. not really considered a sport! But that could be fun!
    7. no rope
    8. no ball
    9. no triangle
    10. yes…something on the pole!
    10 more questions to go! this is fun!


  4. Hmmm, I am still baffled!
    11. Is there a frisbee used?
    12. Are the poles in a line?
    13. Are the poles the same height?
    14. Will there be targets on the poles?
    15. Do you stand away from the poles to do this activity?


  5. 16. no fence
    17. use can be confusing here. Let me just say that they are an important part of the activity! You couldn’t do the activity without them! impossible!


  6. frustrating place to be!!! you will need to stay that way a little longer. the reveal is…well…there’s a hold up. So!!!!!! hang in there!


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