Paintball at whisper mountainyou know those days that everything just seems to be a struggle. as if you are the target of anything and everything going wrong. i had one of those days yesterday. just at the cusp of me coming unglued, i felt an inner tugging, almost a whisper: call out to Him. and so i did. i told my Daddy how i couldn't handle anything else going wrong, or any other occurrence reminding me of my inadequacy, or anything.else. when i finished my holy unloading:), i didn't see lightning bolts or get a special feeling or experience something of epic proportions. but i did notice how my heart felt less weak, my strength stopped waining, my perspective was less doom-some! it seemed like Jesus was filling in the holes in my heart and in my day and keeping me together. when i came to the end of yesterday, i felt a (weary) joy knowing that when i called, my Daddy answered me. in His tender and gentle way!  (as always!)

if you are feeling like the target of nastiness today, try calling on God! He'd love to help you out!

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