taken by storm

I wish I had a picture of the spread that was laid out before us earlier this week. Instead I have the 2 *crazies* responsible for it!Camp visit(step brothers, I think is what this is about! they aren't, by the way!)

Two guys–one a former summer staff and friend, the other a leader with a summer group and friend–took us by storm earlier this week! Arriving on our doorstep, they were a twister of energy and hype and trays laiden with Chik-fil-A goodness! What I thought was a monstrous amount of food was quickly consumed by everyone! Not only are they both employees of Chik-fil-A, with the dream of owning their own stores some day, these two guys have a passion for God and to see others come to know Him too! They are responsible for some crazy fun held here at Whisper Mountain!Whisper mountain visitorsThank you guys for your encouargement through serving us and providing Chik-fil-A, fun and fellowship!  We are thankful for you and the lives you lead with such passion!

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