unexpected and unpredictable

Clear blue Yesterday I said there was more to come today!  Oh yes. And this blessing is one that came out of the clear blue. Like one of those that-was-completely-God types! And is more of a personal blessing rather than the whole WM Team blessing!

Here's where the story starts (I tried to condense!):

Apple computer My personal computer is an Apple and my work computer is not! There are times I need to be able to do work for camp at home in order to balance all I do effectively, but I can't because my Apple does not have the Photoshop program my office computer has. Photoshop, being pretty pricey, hasn't been an option for me. But it's something I've really been wanting/needing. 

There's a company called Tech Soup that allows non-profits (like Whisper Mountain) to get programs of all kinds at way-reduced prices. It's been great for us in the past, but we can only apply for programs every two years. Well, we have arrived at that time again, and they have the whole CS5 package (the big enchilada design program that Photoshop is included in!) for pennies comparatively! SO of course we applied! Just before we left for our missions conference, we received word from Tech Soup that we would not be approved to receive the CS5 package. Adobe will not allow the discount if it is a Christian organization…sound like prejudice? oh, yeah. it is! After being angry (and disheartened), I decided there wasn't much I could do and moved on, planning to "make do" as I had been.

BoothWhile standing at the WM Booth at the mission's conference, I engaged in conversation with a lady I only barely knew and who was holding a camera. (I often engage in shop talk with other photographers…fun and I learn a lot!) We discussed her lense and computer programs and then we said farewell.

Computer programs The following day I received a phone call from Patti that she was handed two computer programs that were to be given to me. My friendly photographer had given Photoshop and Lightroom! Oh my goodness. I could hardly believe my ears! I was so.excited! I hadn't even mentioned my desire or need or even the kind of computer I used during the conversation with her! Not only was I getting the program I wanted/needed in Mac version, I was given another program I never had the guts to hope for but is very useful for photographers/in the making. Oh, my goodness! Isn't that just like God? He gives, but bigger than we expect! When I had given up believing this tiny little detail of a computer program was even possible, he threw it my way. And with a cherry on top! Thank you KF for your generous giving! God used you to bless me in big ways!

Cw pic    I will never get over His extravagant, unexpected, unpredictable love. And I will never get over how quickly and frequently I give up on Him.

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