One of the best things about having summer staff at Whisper Mountain is building relationships with some pretty amazing people. And then getting to see them throughout the year!  One summer staff alumni we were able to sit with recently reminded me of the chia pet we had last summer!Chia obama~last summer's Chia Obama~

Aaron jenness ~current Chia Aaron~

Isn't it good to be with people in flesh and blood after it's been a while? Catching up with Aaron Jenness was a treat for us (all of us as you can see!) Hearing what God is doing in his life, seeing his heart for God plugging on, knowing how to better pray for him…and we would have never known about his Chia side if we hadn't gotten to see him!!!Aaron jenness 2Those who serve as summer staff at Whisper Mountain aren't just attaining credit hours or putting experience on their resumes. They are beginning a journey with people who are committed to caring for them and walking with them as they walk with God!  If you know any amazing people who would be great investing in teens this summer, send them our way! We are still hiring!

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