Florida Postcard 04

Florida 04                                                                         6 February 2011

Dear friends,

Our family has enjoyed some time together on the beach this week! Having grown up in Florida where the beach was part of life, it now feels a little strange being the “tourist”!  We are eating up all the green and blue zones I’ve talked about! And it’s doing our hearts and bodies good!

If you are currently freezing where you are, know that I send my sympathies as I sit with the sand between my toes, the sun shining warmly on my face, the water rushing on shore ever so peacefully! (Wasn’t that mean?!!!) I’ll be freezing again with you soon enough!

WARMest 🙂 regards,

The Werners

One thought on “Florida Postcard 04

  1. Awesome picture! Who is that tourist in the gray shirt holding a camera? Paparrazzi? So glad to hear you are all getting some well deserved family time at the beach. We love you guys and miss you all!
    The Hogan’s


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