your pictures + camp = new group

  Footprints and tire tracksThere's a new group in town…uh,huh! It's the Whisper Mountain flickr group. Starting today, you can come along side of us by adding a favorite photo from a your time at Whisper Mountain in this online photo album. The idea is to not only connect people through their pictures and experiences, but to allow others to see more about camp at Whisper Mountain! Sounds a little like word of mouth but with pictures! yeah, you get it!

The above link will take you to see some of the starter pictures I've posted and to allow those of you who have been to Whisper Mountain the chance to add to the pool of pictures! (If you haven't been yet, plan a trip…the whole year is before you!) Your photo(s) can be meaningful, silly, beautiful, just a favorite, or anything else that might show a small piece of your time while with us! By a click of a couple buttons you are joining in our effort to Proclaim God!  Thanks…hope to see you over there!

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