Are you in the zone?

Snowy  mountain    I recently attended a conference session entitled The Rhythm of Rest (taught by Brenda Jank). Just the title sounds appealing, doesn't it? My eyes were opened to what my heart was longing for. Though I won't get into all of it here (I'm still processing!), I wanted to share something I thought maybe you could benefit from too!!

First off, did you know that the average American spends only 12 minutes a day outside…in the green zone as it's called? (Reread that…kinda sad!)Sun through branchesDuring our session, Brenda shared of a study done on people struggling with feelings of depression. The results of the study showed that people given just 5 minutes in the green zone found some refreshment, but those given 5 minutes in both the green and blue zones (blue meaning access to water, ie: pond, stream, etc) found the most refreshment.

May I insert a truth here: He makes me lie down in green pastures {green zone}, he leads me beside quiet waters {blue zone}, he restores my soul {refreshment}. (Psalm 23:2-3) What scientists are just proving, God has had in writing all along! Being in the green and blue zones may be essential to our health, but I think it takes being intentional to make it happen!

There was an occasion recently of me freaking under my load (gasp…she freaks?!) I decided to get outside for a minute.

I walked out of the camp office…Office

…up the camp road…Office road

…and stopped beside the creek.Creek in snow    In a matter of moments, I found a loosening of my tension as I let out my breath and breathed in the fresh air, a fresh perspective coming into focus, and a happier demeanor filling my spirit. I had a restoring of my soul.

I feel blessed to have such a beautiful portion of nature just outside my door and I see teens and adults who come for a week of camp or a weekend away at Whisper Mountain blessed by it as well. But you don't have to live in an amazing place to find the green and blue zones. They are everywhere! I encourage you to get intentional about getting in the zones wherever you are. In doing this, I believe we are getting intentional about encountering God! That's what it's all about!

**NOTE: the above pictures were taken of this past week's snow storm! The camp saw 12 inches of beautiful snow ..and a group cancellation because of it!!

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