Shining in the Spotlight Today!

Patti     I believe we, as a camp, would be sinking in details if it weren't for this lovely woman!  Patti has given herself the title of Paper Shuffler and Chaos Coordinator and she excels at both…and then some!

Some of her other titles include (but definitely not limited to) Kitchen Help, Laundry Maid, Director of Oh-So-Much (though she never claims it!), Event Planner, Problem Solver, Humming Bird Feeder Restocker, Closet Cleaner, Building Decorator, Receptionist, Accountant, Organizer of Staff & Projects & Everything Else, Mom, Grammy, Wife, Chai Tea Drinker, Friend, Daughter and Woman after God's Heart!

Bottom line…Patti serves. Always. Even when it's the last thing she'd like to be doing; even when she can hardly stand on two feet; even when the founder and director of WM (aka: her husband) drives her batty; even when her head is spinning so much it hurts; even when she'd rather be sitting in a chair at the beach and not in front of that bless-ed computer screen!!

It does so happen that she is my  mom (in case you are new around here!).  But even if she wasn't, I would still want you to know that Whisper Mountain has God's favor because of people like her giving everything to proclaim Him!

Thank you, Patti! (thank you, Mom!)

3 thoughts on “Shining in the Spotlight Today!

  1. Wow…what an imagination you have…and what an exaggerator you are! I only do the things nobody else wants to do. Truth be told, I try to keep up with you and all you do around WM…I follow your lead! I Love you my dear daughter!


  2. Cassie, you told the truth about your mom. She is a treasure, a rare find in today’s world. She truly has a servant’s heart for the Lord. What a joy it was to serve with her, and all of you this summer at WM!!!


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