Gravel + Dirt

Journey with me along our camp road:

MudMade of dirt and gravel, our road fits its surroundings.

Ditch We've created ditches to direct the runoff into the creek.

RiverBut the rain still makes its own ditches with every storm.

Mud-holeMudholes for splashing in find their way into our road!

Dragging So the boys will hop on their big orange tractor and start dragging the road.


Up-top to make it ready for the guests that will be traveling its way!

These roads are big upkeep and I'm sure that if we could snap our fingers this would be one of the first changes we'd make.  But much like life, we travel the road we are given, bumpy or not, and we are grateful!

(to start a "black-top the camp road" fund:) go here! My car would love you for it!!)

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