Still Walking

They have given up the comforts and security of the American dream: their wages and retirements were cashed in for a life of frugal means dependent on the giving of others; their beautiful home was traded for a storage unit and a rental that holds most of their things still in boxes; their shoulders once carried light-hearted living but have now been weighted down with the world. Laughter doesn't come as easy as it once did, rest is harder to find than before. 

 These folks have given it all up for a calling into camp ministry!Founders I'm sure it's harder than Marty and Patti ever imagined, but I am grateful to be walking the camp ministry road with them.  These are two of the most generous people I know, quietly blessing and giving when no one is watching or noticing.  When the days get long, the tasks become tedious, discouragements try to pull them under…they keep walking anyway (even when Marty's knees are protesting!!!)  

The life-change that has taken place in many individuals at Whisper Mountain can be linked to God using a man and his wife following obediently the difficult road He's asked them to!

I find that to be

inspiring :: encouraging :: beautiful

2 thoughts on “Still Walking

  1. Oh my, you sure know how to paint a picture with words! The very things you wrote about are often on my mind and heart about my brother and his wonderful wife!! I just know that our great and wonderful God will provide and give them so much more than they ever thought possible in ways that they never could have imagined. To be where God wants you is not always easy—but always right!!!
    We love you guys so much!!!


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