10 things about summer

Gnatsty  1. The gnats are just gnatsty (shaunism!)

Slide  2.  Cold spring water is refreshing on a hot day!

Sw and harley  3. Sharing the fun with a friend makes it much more fun!

Good food  4.  Camp food hits the spot!

Kw  5. My little red head is showing herself to not be so little!

Daddy  6. Experiencing a high ropes course brings spiritual truths to life (more on this one tomorrow!).

Arriving  7. A week at camp can change a person's life!

Muddy  8. Mud is pretty great!

Monster  9. Throwing mud at your mommy is even better!

Morning sun 10. The  morning sun can steal your breath away! 


One thought on “10 things about summer

  1. Wow–I love the mud picture! I can remember, Cassi, when you were that age or a litte older and in the mountains of Colorado and couldn’t stand to get any dirt on you!!!


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